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Lunches for Learning

Have you ever considered what it would be like if you had to walk for an hour each morning across a rugged mountain road just to attend school for the day, only to be faced with having to walk another hour at the end of the school day to get home? Or what if you had to send your kids to school on an empty stomach each morning because you had no food? For the kids of rural Honduras, this is their reality every day. Honduras is among the poorest nations in the world with much of the population living below the poverty level, earning less than $2 per day. However, statistics show that a child who earns at least a sixth grade education has hope for breaking the cycle of poverty because he or she will learn basic reading, writing and math skills that open future doors. This is the foundation of the Lunches for Learning mission.

Lunches for Learning exists to break the cycle of poverty in rural Honduras by providing a nutritious lunch to elementary school children at their school every school day; thereby allowing this children the opportunity to stay in school so they can complete the sixth grade and enter the workforce as literate individuals.

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