Brantwood Children’s Home

Brantwood Children’s Home was founded in 1917 by the Federation of Women’s Club to care for children whose parents were incarcerated.  Since that time, Brantwood has evolved into much more.  Today, Brantwood has become a home for abused and neglected children that need one.  They foster boys and girls ages 10-20 years old that have not gotten a fair start to life, through no actions of their own, and provide them with the same things that any parent would provide their own children.  The basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter are just the beginning to what they offer the children in their care.  Not only do they provide their children with a place to live, they also try to instill a sense of normalcy in their lives; a normalcy they have rarely had demonstrated to them before. Brantwood becomes a surrogate family for those entering; as their children are encouraged to participate in chores, extra-curricular activities, and family meals.  Brantwood’s goal is simple- to provide a place for the heart to heal and important relationships to blossom. For more information on Brantwood Children’s Home, visit their website at